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Terms of use,
Disclaimers and Copyright

1.No infringement of third party rights

(1) (a) In some cases, a third party (refers to a party other than the state; the same applies herein) may hold copyright or other rights to a part of content. For content where a third party holds copyright or other rights (portrait rights in a photograph, publicity rights, etc.), it is the responsibility of the user to obtain consent for use from the third party unless there is explicit indication that the rights have already been cleared.

(b) If a third party holds rights to a part of content, said fact may be directly or indirectly stated or indicated through source citations etc., but in some cases the part of content to which the third party holds rights may not be clearly identified or indicated, etc. It is the responsibility of the user to confirm when using content.

(c) Even if a third party holds copyright or other rights to content, some use of the content may be allowed without consent of the right holder, such as quoting permitted under the Copyright Act.

2. Content where the Terms of Use does not apply

The following content is not subject to the Terms of Use.

(1) (a) Symbols, logos and character designs representing organizations or specific businesses

3. Governing law and agreed jurisdiction

(1) (a) The Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.

(b) With regard to disputes relating to the Terms of Use or relating to use of content under the Terms of Use, the user agrees that the district court with jurisdiction in the location of the organization that publishes the content in dispute or the Terms of Use shall be the exclusive court of first instance.


(1) (a) The state bears no responsibility whatsoever for any actions taken by users involving use of content (including the use of edited or altered content).

(b) Content may be modified, moved, deleted, etc. without prior notice.